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İgşad Davutov
G20 Impressions

The G20 is composed of the world's largest economy among the 19 countries and the European Commission. The G20 accounts for 85 percent of the global economy and it brings together the world's leading industrialized and developing countries. G20 countries can be counted as US, UK, Japan, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, India, China, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Turkey and the European Commission.

1975 Rambouillet in France, United States, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany and Japan, State / Government at the level of presidents attended a meeting is arranged. And then, G20, on 26 September 1999, the G7 finance minister’s summit was founded. Previously, macroeconomic management, international trade and cooperation with developing countries, then in the East-West economic relations, energy and terrorism has taken its place on the agenda. However, the content of it changed. Employment, the environment, crime and drugs, human rights, regional security and disarmament, etc., containing the political and security fields are removed operation.

Nowadays, the G20 is the most powerful country in the world come together and give direction to the world and was established to provide an economic cooperation organization and it exchanged views on matters related to the international financial system and have established a forum for cooperation. Therefore, there is no power of sanction decisions. In G20 meetings, interviews and studies are done for the maintenance of international financial stability.

Turkey did so for the first time in a large formation houses. In fact it is quite an achievement for Turkey.  In particular, it is important to be president. Turkey's taking place in such a structure is important. Because there will be an increase in the power to decide as to increase self-confidence. Turkey showed that countries could be a model. However, it must be supported by good practices. It can be said, most problems can be overcome with the creation of confidence.

G20 countries aren’t producing solutions for the development and prosperity of the world. Therefore, Turkey "inclusive growth" has made the proposal. This was not accepted for the moment. But over time, I must say that it would be regarded as mandatory. The G20 is an unacceptable that not only focused on economic growth, not discussed the refugee problem, ignoring the poverty and destitution. The primary source of this problem is among the G20 countries. Therefore, they ignore the problems they faced one day. Peace and prosperity of all countries and communities linked together. Only certain countries cannot be successful by taking into account applications. If this state continues the G20 is not a lot to give to the world. Non-implementation of decisions is also a problem. Finally I can say that Turkey has fulfilled its part successfully.

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